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Bachelor Party Destinations: Best Locations, Tips and Checklists

Bachelor Party Destinations: Why The Choice Is So Crucial


If your friend has made plans regarding a wedding, it would only be fair that you organize a bachelor party for him as he counts down the days to the big day.

Organizing the party is one thing, identifying the best bachelor party locations would be the most crucial step that any of the friends of the soon-to-be-married man can take.

Bachelor party at undisclosed destination

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This is because of the importance of the location to the success of the bachelor party. The beauty of such parties is that they can take place just about anywhere, as long as the bachelor’s friends are allowed to engage in drinking, gambling and admire a few strippers who provide the much-needed entertainment. As you work out to identify the ideal place to hold the party, you need to know what to look out for and what to avoid as earlier mentioned.

Avoid haphazard choice of destination

The reality that anywhere can just turn to be a destination that wouldn’t mean it’s permissible to choose from a random selection. It requires a bit of organization and planning to be able to determine the best location. This can be done by going through the cons and pros of each and every location in your list. One ought to consider whether the location fits for a perfect guys party before even looking at other factors. A location with endless party mood would definitely be ideal for hosting a bachelor party. The best way of having a great list of places to look out for, is by asking a friend that has already hosted one in the past. This could offer some superb ideas that one can add to their own. The other option, is to involve a bachelor party planner and they’ll help you skim all the available location and which ones to avoid.

Know the locations worth avoiding

As important as the choice of a party destination is, some places are not worth the hassle for various reasons. A poor choice would ruin the entire experience and give the groom-to-be one more issue to worry about only a few hours or days to his big day. You or any of the friends do not want to be the ones responsible for making the groom-to-be a sad and worried man. More importantly, it is an excellent idea to keep what happened during the bachelor party a private affair. Some of the people, you narrate the escapades to might not look at any of you favorably as they did before. That is if there were experiences not worth mentioning might have arisen to some of you being drunk.
How to save money with the choice of destinations
It is possible to save some money with the selection of destinations for bachelor parties. First, you could choose from a list of various best bachelor party locations if on a tight budget, but feel the need to bid bye to a friend in a distinctive and highly memorable way. Bottle service for the entire group would also enable the entourage to save some money for other adventures. Be on the lookout for strangers who appear ever-too-willing to offer party favors. If you give in to such strangers, do not go to the top of the tallest building and begin screaming about losing money to people out to fleece those they consider visitors.

Carry valid passports regardless of the destination


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Irrespective of the choice of bachelor party destination, everybody on the entourage should carry an eligible passport. All the cities and countries appearing on the list of the top 10  party destinations have strict policies where traveling without passports is a serious concern. Especially in this age of terrorism. Without a valid passport, one or several members of the entourage could end up in court and suffer imprisonment for flouting the law. Do plenty of research on the local legislation to avoid making the bride worried about the safety of her groom. With such escapades, the wedding might have to suffer a postponement until the groom or his friends get out of prison.

If the entire team decides to host the bachelor party in a hotel, the choice of such accommodation or venue has to happen carefully. Avoid hotels whose rates seem too good to be true. Once more, this would require a bit of research before embarking on the journey as a way of determining the fair from unfair and unrealistic rates. Watch out for some club promoters whose interest lies squarely on defrauding you. Some club promoters are excessively slimy and can smell a group that is in town purely for a bachelor party. It is fine to try making the party as chaotic and rowdy as possible, although this depends on the choice of destination.

Choose accessible destinations

When looking at the list of bachelor party top destinations, it would be a great idea to consider the convenient locations. At times, you might feel the urge to travel to a remote destination. On the other hand, considering that the bachelor party often takes part a few days or hours to the big day, traveling to a remote location might not be such an excellent idea. Considering the newlyweds might have to travel for their honeymoon. All the same, the bride is likely to worry herself sick if unable to get in touch with the groom who is in an inaccessible part of the world having a party with his friends. The groom should not come back to a bride full of wrath, which she cannot wait to unleash on him upon his return from the remote destination.

Locations should be close to nightclubs


A party in a nightclubs

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Regardless of what else you need for the bachelor party, it is worth remembering that such events never turn out well if the location is far from nightclubs and bars. Apparently, some people might prefer outdoor activities, thus see no need for choosing the best destinations  for a bachelor party based on proximity to bars or nightclubs. If outdoor activities are not part of your itinerary, settle on locations that are as close to nightclubs and bars as possible. After all, there is always the chance that the party could run out of drinks, thus forcing the entourage to leave for the nearest nightclubs to continue with the drinking and merrymaking.

For those mentioned above and other reasons, the entourage that is about to embark on a search for the perfect bachelor party destination should consider the suggestions listed here. The top destinations for bachelor parties are located all over the world. The bachelor and his friends should begin by preparing a list of various top destinations and check that each location has the best bachelor party packages. The bachelor party is all about fun and partying hard. For that reason, the friends should identify a place where fun and hard partying is permissible. Never leave for a destination without doing the necessary research. Continue reading about some of the top destinations to look out for.

Top 10 Bachelor Party Destinations In 2016

As your friend’s wingman, you’re always under pressure to organize a remarkable bachelor party. Even is you have no idea of the destinations or locations worth looking out for. The truth is that finding the ideal destinations is no longer as difficult as it once was. Nowadays there are so many options available for consideration as listed below.

  1. Montreal: If you find the French full of snooty attitude, then a tour to Montreal for the upcoming bachelor party would be an excellent idea. The French are world renowned for their flair, which is available in a truckload in Montreal, a city with a distinction of being the hippest in the whole of Canada. All the ingredients needed for an excellent bachelor party – grub, girls, and grog – are available in plenty in this Canadian city. The hottest nightclubs, trendy bars, and restaurants are just but some of the attractions that the bachelor party needs to succeed. Some of the best locations for bachelor parties in the city include Kamasutra and Club Supersexe to name but a few.
  2. New York City: New York City never sleeps, and this enduring quality makes it the best location for bachelor parties. The men who join the bachelor in celebrating his last days as a single man need a place with plenty of establishments and entertainment joints where they can engage in hard partying. The bachelor’s friends do not join or organize a party for him with the intention of sleeping. They have plenty to see, eat, drink and do, thus would find NYC the perfect location for their fun-loving objectives. The Madison Square Garden and the Yankee Stadium are just but two of the major landmarks for organizing the best bachelor party ever.
  3. Boston: There is plenty to do regarding bachelor party ideas in Boston. For example, the band of friends could decide to watch a Red Sox’s game. They could also decide that watching the Bruins playing is an excellent way of celebrating the fact that one of them is about to leave the club and join a new one. Pub crawls and strip clubs form part of the activities and establishments that the entourage of party lovers could take part in as part of the crazy celebrations making up their night. If nobody in the entourage wants to remain sober, hiring a chauffeured car to drive them around would be the safest option.
  4. Chicago: The groom-to-be together with his band of friends celebrating his last days as a bachelor will find Chicago their kind of city for one of the most memorable bachelor parties ever.

    Image courtesy of pixabay.com

    If the groom-to-be is a sporty guy, going to watch one of the Cubs baseball games would be an excellent idea. Other fabulous locations worth visiting as part of celebrating the bachelor’s last days in singlehood include Déjà Vu, Zebra Lounge and Division Street to mention but a few. The band of friends celebrating the groom’s last days as a bachelor would soon discover the reason Frank Sinatra sang so lovingly and passionately about Chicago.

  5. Las Vegas: There is a reason Las Vegas is popularly called the Sin City. The organizers of bachelor parties in Las Vegas will soon discover why it goes by this moniker. A bachelor party is all about drinking, ogling and engaging in all types of fun activities, which all qualify in making the city more of a Sin City. Las Vegas remains attractive to people in need of the best bachelor party locations partly due to its lax laws. The numerous casinos and clubs invite the band of friends to walk right in and celebrate their pal’s last days as a bachelor. The Hard Rock Café continues to be the place to visit to satisfy the urges for seeing women clad leathery sexy tops.
  6. San Francisco: No matter how long the groom-to-be or any of his friends have lived in San Francisco, being familiar with all the latest nightspots is impossible. The bachelor party night provides the groom and his friends with the perfect opportunity to visit all the hottest nightspots. The city is full of some of the most amazing stag party destinations. Renting a party bus with a professional chauffeur to drive everybody around the city would be safe and allow the friends to have fun in the midst of the groom-to-be. In San Francisco, the band of friends is free to begin their celebrations in the morning and indulge in merrymaking all the way to the night.
  7. Miami: For bachelor parties taking place between November and April of each year, there is no better place to be at than Miami. During this period, Miami enjoys perfect weather, thus attracting beautiful women from all over the world. Beachgoers are a dime a dozen in Miami between November and April. Essentially, there is plenty to do for a band of friends who desire to do nothing other than celebrate. The best bachelor party in honor of their pal who is just about to walk down the aisle and exchange marital vows. The Winter Music Festival is just but one of the events that the bachelor party entourage can attend and have some fun.
  8. East Coast: The East Coast is full of plenty of beach houses that provide the perfect location to organize a fantastic bachelor party.
    east coast is a great bachelor party destination

    Image courtesy of pixabay.com

    Travel to Atlantic City and enjoy the sunny weather and sandy beaches. Montauk in New York also provides an excellent location for bachelor parties. The Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is ideal for friends who desire to have a memorable bachelor party. The Key West area in Florida provides partygoers with the location for planning and enjoying the best and most memorable bachelor party ever. The South Beach in Miami, Florida has incredible weather and conditions befitting the hosting of the best bachelor party ever.

  9. Dallas: It offers plenty of locations for the groom-to-be and his friends to have the best bachelor party. Dallas is a bit different to other cities renowned for their party-loving nature such as Las Vegas. However, this does not make Dallas any less attractive for bachelor parties. The entourage can each hire a VIP concierge and enjoy the night away in any of Dallas’ favorite nightspots. The entourage can hire classy, clean and crisp limo services with which to move around the city enjoying all the best that it has to offer in terms of nightlife. For these reasons, do not hesitate to visit Dallas when in need of excellent locations for stag parties.
  10. St Louis: St Louis teems with plenty of nightclubs where the groom-to-be can get lost in their world as they celebrate his last days as one of them – a bachelor. The area is too full of plenty of attractive locations that the entourage accompanying the groom-to-be in his celebratory escapades would be better off hiring a chauffeur to drive them from one destination to the next. Bar hopping is one of the excellent ideas that the entourage can engage in while partying. St. Louis is full of microbreweries that are very popular with the locals and visitors. A visit to one or several of the casinos that form part of the city’s nightlife would be an ideal way to ending the night.

Other Great Bachelor Party Locations Outside the US

There are also other places all over the world and outside the traditional top destinations listed above that are worth checking out. As you’ll notice, it will be even more enjoyable when trying to locate this places and you’ll be spoilt of the choices available. Some of the locations to check out include:

costa rica bachelor party

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

  • Costa Rica: Costa Rica has plenty of wildlife that would appeal to the friends organizing a bachelor party and want some time to spend with nature. In fact, it is easy for the groom-to-be to change his mind regarding this honeymoon destination after spending some time in scenic and charming Coast Rica. Moreover, it also has plenty of villas that the groom-to-be can rent and host the bachelor party within. The challenge is in convincing the owners of villas to rent out their properties for bachelor parties.
  • Nashville: Staying at the historic Hermitage Hotel would be a fun-filled way to celebrate the bachelor party while in Nashville. Visiting Centennial Park as well as the Grand Ole Opry would be an attractive way through which to celebrate the stag party. Johnny Cash’s Museum and Country Music Hall of Fame are the other sites worth visiting while in the home of country music. The Broadway Street is an excellent place to enjoy the party. Afterward, take some time to explore the best that the Nashville bars and strip clubs have to offer.
  • Iceland: For friends in need of the best bachelor party location in Iceland, the search should begin and end at Reykjavik. The city is home to some of the craziest nightlife in Iceland, which makes it ideal for bachelor parties. Bar hopping is a favorite activity of the locals, and the ground of friends in town for the bachelor party ought to follow suit. Other activities worth participating in while here include horseback riding, whale watching, spa, paintball, shooting, caving and ATV. The most adventurous friends can take part in ice climbing, glacier hiking, and snow mobiling.
myrtle beach

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

  • Myrtle Beach: Organizing a bachelor party in Myrtle Beach provides the opportunity to enjoy what the Broadway offers to locals and visitors alike. The exciting clubs and bars in the region offer those attending the stag party with the chance to water their throats while partaking in the local entertainment. Bar hopping and moving from one strip club to the next while enjoying the incredible music in a variety of dance clubs along the beach is exciting for the partygoers. The beach is full of classy strip clubs.
  • Key West: Bachelor party is not for a person who is all alone. It is for groups of people looking for a fun and exciting way through which to bid bye to a friend about to get married. Key West in Florida is ideal for just such a group of people. Friends can charter a yacht for their pal who is about to wed. Fishing would also provide the friends with a fun way of enjoying each other’s company while sharing various experiences regarding the one who is about to settle down in marriage.
  • Cancun: To many people, Cancun is the paradise for bachelor parties. Cancun is the Caribbean. It is home to large beaches running for miles upon miles. It remains the destination of choice for people who desire to wave goodbye to the life of bachelorhood. Some of the most fun and party-loving celebrities from all over the world are frequent visitors to Cancun; thus making it the perfect place for hosting a bachelor party in the hope of running into one of these most famous individuals.
  • Puerto Rico: The spirited nightlife, secluded areas and alabaster sands of Puerto Rico make it an ideal bachelor party location. Puerto Rico has a tropical feel to it, which is perfect for bachelor parties. It is impossible to organize a dull stag party in Puerto Rico, a land full of some of the most beautiful women in the entire world. Amazingly, the commonly high prices associated with the rest of the Caribbean are hard to find in Puerto Rico. Therefore, the friends can have their preferred kind of bachelor party without worrying about prices.
  • Denver: Denver has a rich history regarding bachelor parties. Denver has many activities that the entire entourage accompanying the groom-to-be to the party can take part in, and these include participating in paintball. The paintball events will bring out the inner warrior, and fighting spirit as well as the child in every man. After the paintballs, spend the remaining hours of the day or night with the friends at a nightclub.

For more destinations to look out for, please watch the video below.

  • Vancouver: Games and adventures ought to be at the center of all bachelor parties. In Vancouver, there are plenty of games and adventurous activities for the entourage to enjoy while celebrating their pal’s bachelor party. The entourage can travel to the mountains and do a bit of climbing. The ocean and beaches would also provide a striking backdrop to the bachelor party. To crown it all, Vancouver has some of the most beautiful ladies that would make a man’s heart race much faster. I bet then next groom to be, will get his bride from this place. 😉

Best Bachelor Party Cities Of All Times

There is no shortage of some of the world’s best cities for hosting bachelor parties. Some of these cities are in South and North America. Other cities are in Central America. Europe and Asia are not exempt in terms of providing partygoers with the perfect cities in which to host the best and most memorable, once-in-a-lifetime bachelor parties for their friends.

Poconos: Poconos has attractive and scenic locations, including mountains, for hosting the best bachelor parties. Spend some time to identify the best getaways for the bachelor parties. Some of the activities that would spice the bachelor party up include skiing and snow-based events.

Caribbean: Caribbean is a paradise. Bachelor parties are among the most popular activities that take part in the Caribbean. In fact, the Caribbean has plenty of golf courses where the friends can opt to add golfing as one of the activities to take part in while celebrating a bachelor party.
Amsterdam: Amsterdam is home to plenty of activities that guests at any bachelor party would find quite appealing. Amsterdam has plenty of beer and beautiful women. It is easy to get into banter with the locals who tend to be quite easygoing. Like a red light district, Amsterdam’s nightlife would be ideal for bachelor partygoers.

Amsterdam is great destination for a bachelor party

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

Canada: Canada is home to two of the most iconic bachelor party locations. These locations include Whistler in British Columbia and Vancouver. The two locations are only but a few of the attractions that lovers of bachelor parties love about Canada.
NJ: New Jersey (NJ) is full of hotels that offer the most incredible deals where bachelor parties are concerned. The arrangements allow for hard partying to take place among friends taking part in celebrating the fact that one of them is on the verge of settling down in marriage.
What this list has shown is that there is no shortage of locations for organizing the best bachelor parties in the world. The great bachelor locations are in all corners of the world, including some of the most unimaginable places. Choose any location from this list and have a blast of a bachelor party.

Tips for bachelor party

Bachelor parties have been a tradition for centuries. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when making a choice. To find a perfect destination, it requires soberness and seriousness when researching. Prepare a list of the basics that the bachelor party needs. These include:

  • Destination
  • Guestlist
  • Right timing

It is important to make prior arrangements to avoid a situation where the guests drive cars while drunk after the party. Chauffeured services would be excellent for the guests. The choice of bachelor party location should bear in mind the groom’s preferences, likes, and dislikes.

How To Plan

planning for a bachelor party

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The planning should begin close to a month before traveling to the destination for the once-in-a-lifetime bachelor party. Make sure you have your luggages well packed in advance the last minute rush. A great bachelor party requires proper planning. A bachelor party requires plenty of finances to organize successfully. The friends can decide to chip in equally to reduce the financial burden. If organizing the party as a surprise, asking the groom to chip in financially would be akin to letting the cat out of the bag. Creativity is necessary when choosing the appropriate destination. Creativity is a necessity upon arriving at the destination in coming up with a list of things to do to spice up the party. You can check out our buyer guide page, that will be you in preparing for both your travel and activities that you could engage in.

Adventure-filled activities

Depending on the choice of a destination, try to make it as adventurous as possible by identifying the right ideas. These ideas include the following:


Image courtesy of pixabay.com

  • Surfing is quite adventurous,although it depends on the location. If the bachelor party location is near an ocean, surfing would be awesome. Those lacking surfing experience can take a few lessons.
  • Hang Gliding does not require receiving training first. With or without experience, everybody can take part in hang gliding.
  • Taking the plunge from an airplane would be too exciting for the friends and groom.
  • White-water rafting is ideal for an adrenaline-filled bachelor party. Do it during the day before resting under the stars during the night.
  • Racecar driving is perfect for helping the groom to release a lot of the pent-up and anxious energy filling his body.
  • Armature golfing is also one of the activities that one can always consider, since its enjoyable and refreshing at the same time. Visit here: for a golf club reviews.
  • Deep-sea fishing is ideal for bonding, but with a little hint of adventure.
  • Scuba diving does not require being near the ocean. You just need a large pool of water.
  • Rock climbing is perfect for adventures. If outdoors rock climbing is not appealing, choose indoor facilities.
  • Hiking is ideal for those who love out door activities.


Keep a bachelor party checklist

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The bachelor party has three main groups of people. In addition to the groom, the best man and groomsmen have to be at the party. What kind of a checklist does a bachelor party require? Should the checklist include the destination? A detailed checklist must have the following:

  • The right amount of alcohol
  • Strippers – the dos and don’ts including the kind of strippers to avoid
  • Paying all the strippers for their services
  • Pre-party activities to do while at the bachelor party destination
  • After-party activities to do at the destination
  • Preparing a back-out plan


At the bachelor party location, it is crucial for the groom and best man as well as the groomsmen to know the rules. You should not focus solely on gulping as many tequila shots or shouting and ogling at the strippers. Other rules worth adhering to include:

rules to follow

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

  1. Ensuring that the groom is properly hydrated
  2. Allowing the groom to win the competitive activities
  3. Paying for the groom
  4. Ensuring that the groom does not break his fidelity vows
  5. Eliminating all grudges
  6. Engaging in a bit of sobriety
  7. Paying for bottle service
  8. Get rid of the phones
  9. Spend without worrying about tomorrow



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