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Bachelor Party Ideas For The Real Gentleman

Unique and Clever Bachelor Party Ideas for Gentlemen

Hey there again guys! Are you trying to plan another bachelor party? If this is the case, there are many interesting ideas that can be implemented in your upcoming party. Over the past few years, I have planned several bachelor parties and believe that I have some good tips that can help you, during this trying process. Some of these will be mentioned below for your convenience!

Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas

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Finding A Destination

First and foremost, you will want to make sure to find a good destination. There are many cheap bachelor party destinations that can be used, but not all of them will be suitable. First, you’ll want to ensure that the place is going to be fairly secluded. You don’t want to get annoyed with neighbors and other vacationers! Seclusion is perfect for all bachelor party themes. If your group of friends wants to get loud, they’ll be able to do so! Make sure that you choose out of season destinations for the best results.

Fun Activities

Keeping your friends entertained is vital! You don’t want them feeling bored and wanting to go back home to their girlfriends! Video games, sports and drinking can all be very exciting and amusing. Of course, you can always think outside of the box, as well. Consider planning a bachelor party scavenger hunt! This type of activity will be able to get your friends motivated, since it’ll require a little competitiveness. They’ll be eager to beat their buddies and get to the treasure first! This is most definitely one of the most fun adventure bachelor party ideas, which works exceptionally well throughout the year.

Make a Dress Code

Obviously, you’re going to want your friends to remain comfortable throughout the event. It is vital to make sure that you supply them with an appropriate bachelor party attire list! Don’t force them to wear dress clothes. No guy likes wearing these clothes! Instead, you’ll want to consider purchasing some funny bachelor party shirts. They’ll all get a kick out of the idea and will remain coordinated. Otherwise, shorts, pants, t-shirts and tennis shoes are the way to go! This will ensure that everyone is comfortable and they all already have everything they need!  More ideas for aspiring gentleman can also be found here

Creating a Guest List

Planning is the key to pulling off a bachelor party, without mishap. You will need to sit down with the groom and devise a guest list. The amount of guests that you invite to the event will totally depend on the type of activities planned, location, party date, and number of close friends. Of course, this is not to say you cannot invite a few stragglers, because anything is possible, when you are planning a bachelor party. Remember there are no rules set in stone.

  • Bride’s Male Family Members
  • Groom’s Male Family Members
  • Old School Chums
  • Groomsmen
  • Co-Workers

Before you actually start developing invitations, be sure to show the list to the groom. You want him to be totally satisfied with the guest list, because it is his bachelor’s party, after all.

Plan For the Weather

Remember that the weather will always turn against you, when you’re not prepared for it! With this in mind, it is absolutely imperative to plan for bad weather. This is especially important, if you’re trying to host your party, during the winter. The snow could become a travel hazard. Do you have a backup plan, if the roads get too bad? Make sure you have something else planned out! Basically, I always like to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

At the same time, you should take the rain into account. Make sure that you have indoor and outdoor activities planned! As mentioned already, video games and even board games can work well for rainstorms. Just cross your fingers and it will be bright and sunny, but you should plan for the exact opposite just in case. Find out more on how to plan for a bachelor party.

Consider a Bonfire

One of the best ways to get all of the boys together and get them to bond is by hosting a bonfire. As guys, we are instinctive beasts and we absolutely love the fire! Of course, a nice bonfire can serve several purposes. First, it’ll keep everyone warm, if it is chilly outside. Second, you will be able to get all of the boys together. This will prove to be very fun and exciting. Jokes will be made and everyone will have a fantastic time. Finally, it is possible to make S’mores and all kinds of delicious foods.

Don’t forget about the music! If someone is capable of playing guitar, this is an excellent idea. A good radio of CD player will work exceptionally well too. Finally, make sure that you bring the drinks and a cooler! You can’t go anywhere without that necessity.

Basic Commodities

Once you’ve got all of the fun aspects out of the way, you’ll need to start thinking about the basics. What is everyone going to eat? Where is everyone going to sleep? Work alongside of your buddies to ensure that everyone gets everything that they want and need. The only real guideline to follow is to make sure that the groom gets a little more and a little better of everything, including food and rooming.


Transportation can actually be fun, if you’re willing to travel together. You might as well start the party off early and there is no better way to do that than to ride to the destination together! Hiring a limo or coach bus is an excellent option, if you’ve got the budget for it. Otherwise, it is possible for several vehicles to be used. Be sure to have some CDs ready, because the boys will want to sing all of the way to the destination!


Planning a bachelor party doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be quite fun, as long as you’re willing to use the tips above. Don’t stress it too much and you’ll be fine! Truthfully, as long as the groom is together with all of his best mates, nothing can go wrong!

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