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Bachelor Party Ideas & Location: Cheap Christian, Funny, Crazy

Various Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas To Try

Each year, more than 2.2 million weddings take place in the US. What this means is that close to the same number (2.2 million) bachelor parties take place in the US each year. Therefore, it is safe to say that the demand for bachelor party ideas is very high in not only the US, but also other parts of the world. The Hangover, a Hollywood film about bachelor party gone awry, has been successful and a major hit all over the world. It even has two further sequels, showing the value that is attached to bachelor parties. Below, find ideas for different types of bachelor parties.

camping bachelors party

Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor parties do not always have to be costly affairs. If the groom and his group of groomsmen are not floating in limitless finances, he can embark on trying other ideas that would still make the bachelor party not only memorable, but also an excellent way to bid bye to his bachelorhood. Some of the cheap bachelor party ideas the groom and his groomsmen should consider include the following:

  • Pizza and Beer

Look for a nice, local bar or eatery and engage in guzzling of different beer brands and eat as much as pizza as you and the team of groomsmen desire. Alternatively, you can host such a party at home and dial the local pizza delivery company for some help.

  • Baseball Diamond

The groomsmen do not even have to pay a single cent for the opportunity to take part in baseball diamond. A visit to the local park is all that the groom and groomsmen need while carrying a cooler full of beer. Afterwards, they could head back to the groom’s house for a bit of a chat.

  • Bowling

Bowling is fun. Be creative while playing bowling. Dividing the group into two teams and placing a wager whereby the losing team pays for the pitchers would be a great way of making this a fun-filled activity.

Other cheap bachelor party ideas worth looking into include:

  • Poker Faces
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Sports Night
  • Video Arcade
  • Karaoke
  • Roast Him
  • Barbeque

Bachelor Party Location Ideas

The actual bachelor party location ideas are just as important as the actual ideas regarding the party. While choosing the location, it would be crucial to focus on a few ingredients that are permanent in such events regardless of the exact bachelor party ideas you want to use or try out. Some of the ingredients responsible for the success of bachelor parties include:

  • Alcohol
  • Women
  • Good food
  • Sporting activities
  • Gambling

Therefore, when settling on any location, ensure that it has access to these ingredients. For the sporting activities, feel free to choose what you can either watch or play actively.

Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas

The bachelor party does not have to be an indoor affair all the time. There are times when outdoor activities would be an excellent option. Thankfully, there is no shortage of outdoor activities worth taking part in for the entire group. Some of the best outdoor bachelor party ideas worth looking into include the following:

  • Skiing
  • Shooting
  • Hunting
  • Snowboarding
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • White-water rafting
  • Cattle wrangling
  • Motoring on snowmobiles, airboats and ATVs to mention but a few
  • Scuba diving
  • Shark hunting
  • Hang gliding
  • Bungee jumping
  • Go-karting
  • Friendly Sports such as soccer, football, volleyball, bowling, flag football, golf and tennis
  • Road trip, but check that the car or cars have full tanks of gas and do not forget to carry your passports for an out-of-the-country destination

Christian Bachelor Party Ideas

bachelor party for christians

Bachelor party ideas are not only for those who love women and consume plenty of alcohol with the sole aim of getting drunk. Christian bachelor party ideas are available for those who desire to embark on celebrating the last days of bachelorhood in serene settings without indulging in any form of debauchery. If cigars, casinos, strip clubs, and sex-based games do not sound appealing to you, do not despair.

The following Christian bachelor party ideas are worth pursuing as a show of respect to the groom’s religious beliefs:

  • Camping trip

The camping trip could also involve sleeping in the wilderness. As part of the camping trip, include fishing, skiing and hiking. Build a bonfire or go boating while on the camping trip. Such activities would increase the level of bonding between those in the group.

  • Golf

Ask your friends and the groom to accompany you to the local golf course for a bit of golfing. Follow this up with dinner at a restaurant or eatery spot chosen by the bachelor or groom. Such events encourage a bit of conversation where the groom would enjoy plenty of encouragement.

  • Extreme Sports

Such activities appeal to people who are enthusiastic about adrenaline-rushing extreme sports. Some of the sports that fall in this category include sky diving, white-water rafting, mountain climbing and extreme skiing.

  • Paintball

Paintball offers the group the opportunity to engage in a bit of friendly competition. However, exercise some degree of caution to avoid bruising each other a day or two to the wedding. If paintball appears too rough, consider laser tag instead.

  • Box seats at sporting events

These ideas would be great for a groom who adores sports. If he has a favorite team, do not be afraid to take him to see it playing. To make the occasion special, buy box seats. However, be ready to spend, as the box seats do not come cheap.

  • Last Supper

One of you can invite the rest of the groomsmen and the groom to a dinner. The theme of the dinner should be “Last Supper”. Here, the groom shall eat his last supper as a bachelor in the company of his groomsmen.

Crazy Bachelor Party Ideas

It is true that some people consider strippers a must when thinking of crazy bachelor party ideas. However, some ideas do not feature strippers in any way. With a bit of creativity, it is possible to add some craziness to the bachelor party and discard of the traditional perspective that people have regarding such events. Some of the craziest ideas worth considering for a bachelor party include:

  • Hunting

Whether you have any experience or not, remember to carry some guns and beers.

  • Playing poker

If operating on a lean budget, playing poker would be a crazy bachelor party idea. Increase the stakes for everybody by inserting a $20 buy-in requirement for the opportunity to test skills on Texas Hold ‘Em.

  • Camping

Spend time swigging beers while camping outside under the bright stars as you breathe clean air without worrying about Blackberries.

  • Wine tasting

Do not limit this activity to wine tasting. Embark on a whiskey-tasting spree as well. Identify an elegant whiskey or wine bar and indulge in wine or whiskey tasting.

  • Cattle herding

If you spend all your time in the city, consider cattle herding as part of the craziest bachelor party ideas.

  • Renting a beach house

Instead of hosting the bachelor party at hotels, ask all the groomsmen to chip in and raise enough cash for renting a beach house. In fact, the beach house shall be a much cheaper accommodation than the hotel. This is great if there is a long gap between the bachelor party and actual wedding.

Funny Bachelor Party Ideas

The main goal of the funny bachelor party ideas is to derive as much fun as possible – even if this entails pulling a few pranks on the groom. Some of the examples of ideas that would leave the groom and his groomsmen laughing their hearts out include:

  • Water shots

This involves lying to the groom that he is taking the strongest alcoholic drink. To reduce the chances of detection, make the groom to follow up each shot with a sip of Coke or other drinks that would mask the true taste of water.

  • Jellying up the door knobs and seats

Apply some jelly on the door handles, knobs and seats so that the groom gets a funny feeling upon contact with these places. Use Vaseline, icy hot, toothpaste or lubricant to jelly such places.

  • Announce the bride’s arrival

Creativity is necessary here. Look for a human-size doll and place it on the bed. Cover it completely and when the groom comes back from his escapades, announce that the bride has arrived. Capture the groom’s reaction on camera for a good laugh.

  • Tattooed while Drunk

This would entail waiting for the groom to pass out after drinking. Afterwards, look for some temporary tattoos and place these on his stomach, butt, shoulder or arm. Next morning, be the first to inform him of the new tattoos, or give him time to discover the new tattoos on his own.

  • Chaining the groom

Identify a full-size female doll and tie it on to the groom, especially when he falls asleep or passes out. When he wakes up, let him know that the only way of freeing himself is by dressing the doll in a woman’s clothes. The challenge is that he has to go out asking women for their clothes.

  • Ridiculous fashion

Convince the groom, or any groomsman for that matter, to wear some ridiculous clothes before going outside for a stroll around town. For extra laughs and fun, let all the groomsmen to wear ridiculous outfits together with the groom before embarking on a trip around town.

  • Ex-Girlfriend

If using the hotel for accommodation and the venue for the bachelor party, have one of you pretend to be the groom’s ex-girlfriend. Ask one of the stewards to go up to his room telling the groom that a former girlfriend wants to see him.

Bachelor Party Shirt Ideas

The bachelor party shirt ideas tackles the question of what to wear to such an event. It is normal for guests to the bachelor party to choose formal or casual attire. However, prior to choosing what to wear or coming up with the recommended attire, it would be prudent to consider the activities that shall take place during the party.

Fortunately, you can choose a wide variety of designs for the shirts and t-shirts to wear to the bachelor party. You could choose to print images or texts on the t-shirts or shirts for the bachelor party. Alternatively, you could mix up the images with wordings on the shirts. The images and texts could be in full color or purely white and black.

It would be perfectly fine to try being as funny as possible with the images and texts on the bachelor party shirts. Choose any color for the shirts. The groom could wear one color and the other groomsmen choose a different color. Alternatively, everybody could wear the same color of shirts featuring a similar message (graphics and wordings).


Therefore, there is no doubt that the bachelor party ideas can be as wild and modern or as cool and traditional as possible. The groom and his groomsmen should feel free to plan the kind of party they want. There is no right or wrong bachelor party idea. If the guests prefer a cheap bachelor party, they should proceed with the planning.

If a crazy or outdoor party appears the best bachelor party idea, proceed with it. As shown here, a bachelor party does not have to feature strippers, alcohol and cigars. It could be a Christian party or revolve around a religious theme that promotes conversations and bonding as well as encouragement of the groom to prepare for the life that awaits him.

If unsure what to do, get in touch with a bachelor party planner and ask for the best, craziest and out-of-the-world bachelor party ideas. You will be amazed with the options that the planner would come up with for you to choose. On the other hand, for some of these ideas, it would be great to seek the groom’s permission before trying them out, especially if he is an introvert.



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