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All About Las Vegas Divorce Parties

Why Las Vegas Is Widely Considered As The Divorce Party Capital Than A Bachelor Party Capital

Fewer grooms and their friends can prepare a list of their preferred bachelor party destinations without including Las Vegas. If the bachelor party is to last an entire weekend, there is no better place for hosting it than Las Vegas. Regardless of your budget and preferences, you will find everything that you need to make the bachelor party a huge success. If you prefer a laidback party, Las Vegas is the perfect location. If you prefer a classy, no-holds-barred and no-expenses-spared party, Las Vegas would still be the most popular destination. In as much as Las Vegas is a popular bachelor party destination, it is also a divorce party capital. Why?

las vegas divorce parties

Las Vegas is Attractive for Parties

For years, Las Vegas has been a favorite destination for weddings. However, the current trend indicates that it is about to add the divorce party capital to its many nicknames. This is primarily because of the attraction of Las Vegas as a city for parties and celebrations. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Las Vegas began appearing a very attractive city for divorce parties, just as it has done for numerous other types of parties. Some people prefer hosting the divorce party in Las Vegas in the company of those from whom they wish to break up while others prefer having nothing to do with their former partners.

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Plenty of Party Planners

It is now common for Las Vegas party or event planners to market their services by including divorce parties into their list of repertoires. Men and women alike are upping the demand that they have for divorce parties in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas bachelor party offers groom the chance to be naughty for at least the last time prior to getting married. On the other hand, the Las Vegas divorce party offers the opportunity for celebrating the chance to return to a lifestyle of naughtiness. The fact that more divorces are in Nevada than in any other state in the US has helped Las Vegas gain the reputation of being the divorce party capital.

Increased Divorce Rates

Most of the bachelor party planners in Las Vegas double up as the divorce party planners or organizers as well. Therefore, such planners are assured of ready clients. For their part, the divorcing couples are assured of ready planners to help them organize not only the best bachelor parties but also the most memorable divorce parties. Moreover, the fact that couples only have waiting time of around six months prior to the hearing of the divorce case has helped popularize Las Vegas as the divorce party capital. In other parts of the US, divorcing couples have to contend with a waiting time of roughly one year.

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Briefly, Las Vegas’ reputation as the bachelor party or marriage capital is not under threat anytime soon. However, it is impossible to run away from the fact that Las Vegas is now emerging as the divorce party capital. Las Vegas has a culture that supports partying round the year. It boasts of plenty of planners who can help organize the best bachelor or divorce party. The extremely high divorce rates in Las Vegas and the US, in general, mean that the city was always going to be among one of the contenders for the title of the divorce party capital. For that reason, contact an event planner for Las Vegas divorce parties today, if you are planning one soon.



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