Why Is The Idea of Nashville Bachelor Party Very Attractive?

For a city whose founding fell on the eve of Christmas in 1779, Nashville has grown into one of the favorite destinations for bachelor parties. In fact, if you prepare a list of probable destinations for your event but do not include Nashville bachelor party, you would be committing a grave mistake, and letting your groomsmen down. Nashville has many attractions, including the fact that it played host/home to Andrew Jackson as well as James K. Polk, who were the 7th and 11th US Presidents respectively. Therefore, why has Nashville remained attractive for such parties?

Nashville Bachelor Party very attractive

Carefree People

Nashville is the modern reincarnate of the legendary Las Vegas, hence its new nickname of NashVegas. In terms of accessibility, Nashville ranks high, especially with visitors from the South and Midwest regions of the US. A bachelor party is all about being as carefree as possible. If you value a carefree nature, then the people in Nashville would provide you with this. The crazy celebrations in your bachelor party would never find a better place than in Nashville.

Awesome Hotels

If you worry about the quality of accommodation in Nashville for your bachelor party, you would be pleased to discover that the city has wonderful selections from which to choose. You would be doing nothing wrong by celebrating your bachelor party at the historical and majestic Hermitage Hotel in Nashville. For a more classy experience, book everybody into the Presidential Suite within this hotel and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime bachelor party.

Excellent Tourist Attraction Sites

Parthenon replica, which is located in the Centennial Park, and Grand Old Opry are just but two of the most popular tourists attraction sites in Nashville. If you are interested in a unique and untraditional bachelor party, choose these iconic landmarks of Nashville for the celebrations. The Johnny Cash Museum and Country Music Hall of Fame are other two iconic landmarks that you should include in your bachelor party itinerary while in Nashville.

Other places and events in Nashville worth visiting or attending include:

  • Vanderbilt College game
  • NFL game involving the Tennessee Titans
  • NHL game involving the Nashville Predators

Broadway Street

nashville town

Broadway Street is one of the biggest attractions in Nashville. There is no better place in the city for hosting a bachelor party than this street. This is because the biggest restaurants and bars in Nashville are located along this street. A few examples of these restaurants and bars include the following:

  • Honkey Tonk
  • The Stage
  • Tootsie’s
  • Rippy’s

These bars and restaurants are popular with bachelor parties for a variety of reasons. They are replete with hundreds of ladies for the perfect dancing experience. You will not miss your favorite drink or have a dull partying experience in the bars and restaurants on Broadway Street.  The bars feature live bands, and you can request them to sing your favorite country or rock song. The live bands also perform songs belonging to other music genres.

Hidden Bars

If you love adventure, then going on a limb searching for the hidden bars of Nashville should provide you with great fun and remove the boredom that might creep in during the bachelor party. If the biggest bars along Broadway Street seem to be costlier than what you can afford, Nashville has a selection of hidden bars that provide the laidback experience you desire and at a much lower cost.

All that you need to locate some of the city’s hidden bars is the YELP App on your Smartphone. With this app, you will locate establishments such as the Back Alley Dinner Bar (abbreviated B.A.D Bar) among others located in downtown Nashville. The search for these hidden gems in Nashville could lead you to some of the best wing deals and service staff you are likely to find for the bachelor party, which could convince you to make the city a home away from home.

Nashville Specialty

Hot chicken has always been and remains the Nashville specialty. While Nashville might be renowned around the world for its country music, hot chicken is one of its major attractions. For that reason, remember to order a few hot chickens for the entire crew at the bachelor party. If the bachelor party has a few out-of-the-city guests, treat them to this specialty and other delicacies that make Nashville a popular destination among food lovers.

Wild West Comedy Festival

If your bachelor party will fall in April, then you would be wise to attend the Wild West Comedy Festival. The festival features some of the biggest names in the world of comedy from all over the world. It takes place between April 14th and 19th each year. The festival would be an excellent party idea considering the fact that the groom and his groomsmen or friends need plenty of laughter and merrymaking.

Sports and Recreation

A bachelor party should not revolve around strip clubs and alcohol alone. In Nashville, if you want clean bachelor party ideas, then consider the following sports and recreations:

  1. Bike the Greenway
  2. Laser Quests
  3. Nashville Paddle Co.
  4. Nashville Sounds

Other Nashville Bachelor Party Ideas

Finally, you should remember that Nashville has plenty to offer other than the aforementioned. The other ideas worth considering would include the following:

  • Exploring the Nashville neighborhoods
  • Shopping
  • Taking a tour of the city
  • Visiting the historical sites (which include the Belle Meade Plantation, Belmont Mansion, the Botanical Garden and Museum of Art at Cheekwood, Fort Nashborough, Fort Negley, George Dickel Distillery, Hatch Show Print and the Marathon Village among others)
  • Doing what the Nashville residents do (which include honoring the song, partaking the local brews, exploring the gardens)

Therefore, there is no doubt that Nashville bachelor party will always be an excellent idea. The decision regarding taking the bachelor party to Nashville is always bound to be a very popular one with the groom and guests – including the groomsmen. The Music City (Nashville) offers the best surroundings for those in need of wildness just as it does for visitors who need a bit of a laidback experience. Talk to your travel agency today and begin planning the visit to Nashville.



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