Why Feminist Strippers are Sex-Positive Feminists Who View Their Profession as a Choice and a Career Field

A debate has gone on for some time now regarding whether a person who works as a female stripper is doing so out of choice or necessity. This is because some people tend to turn to this form of work to raise money for school or college fees. Some do it because of the financial needs they have with regard to raising a family. On the other hand, some strippers are pleased and unashamed about their choice of career.

Feminist Strippers

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Female stripping is a financially rewarding job. The fact that strippers are accepting this line of work seems to point out to the realization that the best jobs (in terms of financial rewards and other benefits) are available in some of the most unusual places. In fact, the conclusion is that female stripping is a favorite of sex-positive feminists who believe that what they do for upkeep is not only a matter of choice, but also an awesome career field.

Some of the wordings that club owners use to lure young, beautiful girls into working as feminist strippers include the following:

  1. Easy
  2. High paying
  3. Requires no education
  4. Available for beautiful girls/women

What some of the strippers do not realize is that a huge number of clubs or entertainment establishments where they work would only be willing to hire them as independent contractors. What this means is that the strippers would then be ineligible for federal employment protection as well as other similar benefits. The strippers who know this are unperturbed, especially where they earn more money than they would in other career fields.

In a single year, a stripper can earn up to $250,000 or more depending on several factors, which include the size of the bust. It appears that the feminist strippers who view their line of work as nothing more than a choice and preferred career field value the money and freedom to do whatever they like more than anything else. They fail to heed the reservations parents might have regarding school children whose main aspiration is to work as a stripper.

A few years ago, a speaker was invited to talk to some eighth grade students in a school in the US during its Career Day. Despite stating that the best career the students should choose was working as a stripper, the eighth graders considered his advice the most inspiring talk despite having heard from other professionals such as a journalist, classical pianist, attorney and pilot. The positivity of the message is what students were more interested in from the talk.

Finally, while feminist stripping might be offensive to some people, the sex-positive feminists believe that it is just like any other career. They believe that as long as the female stripper earns good upkeep from stripping, she should be allowed to continue with her choice of career. They believe that the money the stripper earns as well as the entertainment she provides in clubs is enough reasons to allow her to continue with the work.



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