What Are The Best Free Bachelor Party Games?

Creativity is necessary for all bachelor parties. Creativity is a necessity when choosing bachelor party games, which should be the farthest thing from boring. Many stag parties tend to feature the drinking games, which have become quite a bore in recent times. It is true that bachelor parties (at least most of them) tend to feature plenty of drinking. However, if this trend continues, it would not take long for people to begin developing an apprehension towards stag parties, thus the need for choosing games that capture and retain people’s attention at the party.

some of Crazy Bachelor Party

  • Dare Cards

Consider buying or making the cards. Be as creative as you can with the dares. Try to get out of the comfortable or traditional dares to make this bachelor party game more interesting.

  • Toy Soldiers

The best man carries a number of toy soldiers in a bag. While on the way to the bar, and just before going inside, the best man asks everybody in the bachelor party to insert their hands inside the bag and pick a toy soldier. Once inside the bar the best man unexpectedly and repeatedly asks everybody to assume the position of the toy soldier in his possession.

  • Last Card

Once each hour, one member of the bachelor party places his card on the ground. Every person tries to follow suit. The last man to place his card buys the next round of drinks for the whole party.

  • Magic Numbers

This daring of bachelor party games requires every person in the bachelor party asking a girl to write her number on the back of his card. The next morning, every person sends a text message to the number of the card on the back of his card. The man who gets the most outrageous or promising replay is the winner.

  • Dare Card Killer

This is a high-speed version of the popular dare cards. Everyone in the bachelor party puts $5 inside a pot. A player picks a card then is assigned to complete what it says within 10 minutes. If he cannot manage this, the player is out. It continues until only one player remains in the game, who then wins the pot.

  • Bra Vo

In this craziest of all games, each player has to ask a girl for one or several items of underwear. The last person to succeed in this request wins the right to buy the entire team the next round of drinks. This game is an excellent way to establish conversation with the girls.

  • Candid Cleavage

In this game, the bachelor party has to be split into several groups of two people each. Each pair then walks around trying to get the best picture of a girl’s cleavage. The last pair to achieve this then has the honor of paying for the next round of drinks.

  • Ben Hur

This game involves dividing the group into two or more teams. Each group then chooses the lightest among them who they appoint the driver. They must then carry this driver to the next bar, which should have known of much earlier.

  • I’ve Never

In this game, all of you will hold pound coins. Then each player takes a turn to declare “I’ve never…” done something such as a, b, or c. Whoever has done whatever the player says puts his pound of coin inside the pint glass. The last person with the pound coin in his hands wins the game. It is an excellent way for confessions and knowing each other better.

  • Who is the stripper?

For this game, you need to prepare a list of questionnaires and share these amongst the bachelor party. The questionnaires could ask questions regarding what the stripper was wearing when she entered the room, the color of her eyes, the type of music that she played, her stripper name and actual name to mention but a few.

  • Know each other

These types of games are perfect when the guests are strangers to each other. Ask each guest to share a funny story or experience that he went through as a bachelor. Allow each guest to be as humorous and creative as possible to make it easier for others to remember him.

  • Word Search


A word search is one of the party games that would not cost a dime. Ask the groomsmen to locate as many words as they can. The one who does it in the shortest or quickest time is the winner and everybody buys him a round of drinks.

  • Don’t Say These Words

Explain to each member of the bachelor party the words that they should not use. The person who gets caught the most using such banned words would then receive the appropriate punishment. The one who commits the least mistakes also receives an award.

Other bachelor party games worth considering include:

  • Monkey madness
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Pin the Boobs on the Stripper
  • Madness Night (Mardi Gras)
  • Titsbee
  • Guess The Stripper
  • Golf and Fishing
  • Mod Squad
  • Funniest Story
  • Paintball

Therefore, there is no shortage of games to play and keep everybody busy. The games are a nice way to break the ice where most of the guests are strangers to each other. The games are also ideal where the bachelor party shall not feature a lot of drinking. On the other hand, if the party shall feature a lot of drinking, the games could provide a break from all the alcohol and allow for a bit of soberness.

The goal of the games is to make the bachelor party as memorable, fun-filled and enjoyable as possible. The games get rid of any boredom that might set in and make the guests begin looking for excuses to go back home or leave to do other activities. The drinking games would also be great, but are not mandatory considering that the bachelor party already involves plenty of drinking.  However, choose the games based on the location and the preference of the guests.



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