Real People Give Their Account of Bachelor Party Ideas and Destinations You Should Try Out

It’s always hard for the person tasked to plan a bachelor party to accommodate all the ideas into one and find a great destination that will suit all. It almost like planning the wedding itself, for its a lifetime experience for the groom to be.

skydiving as a bachelor party idea or activity

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So I decided to inquire around on a Reddit poll and find out what my friends over there have to say about the coolest bachelor party ideas and destinations they’d recommend. Here are some of them:

A friend of mine went to a yarn and fibre festival for her bachelorette party, another friend went to a beer festival out of state. A male friend had his groomsmen over to his new house, and they tore down a shitty deck and rebuilt a beautiful patio, with built in cooking area and all that jazz. It all depends on the person whom it’s for. alwaystacobell

This could not be further from the truth. A well thought out bachelor’s party should be tailored with the groom to be in mind and what interest him should be well thought-out for the party to succeed. Learn more why planning and an ideal destination is crucial.

I have a medical conditions which mean I can’t drink, and I’m not a big drinker/party person anyway. My MOH booked for us to go away for a weekend or Ireland 🙂 we are gonna go and do lots of excursions whilst we are there, and I’ll go for a little tea and cake party with family and other friends when we are home 🙂 KellyCobate

The Idea is to get as much fun as you can before the wedding day, and if you’re able to have a little-hosted party and an excursion of some sort, it would be great.

My FBIL went skydiving and out to lunch for his in 2012, my FH is going to a strip club and dinner for his in August. It all depends on what you want to do. The FH briefly talked about Las Vegas as his trip, but decided against it since our wedding is already a destination wedding. KetoThrowaway222

Groom-to-be interest featured prominently, there are those that just want it to be simple like a skydiving and a lunch later on and those that would want a trip to Las Vegas for their bachelor’s party as shared above.

My FH is doing a weekend away with his friends. The highlight will be paintballing which he’s always wanted to do but never actually done! ChynaGrove

Me: paintballing – Activities and expecially games are vital for outdoor BP and play a role in making them successful.

I know a bride recently that went to the The Vampire Ball. They spent a weekend in a gorgeous beachside house and went to this ball dressed to the nines in ballgowns. They had an absolute blast, and I’m jealous I wasn’t able to go.

Me: What is the alternative for guys only?

The vampire ball isn’t just for women. This was the plan for a bride I know, but it could also be something a groom doors. Tesatire

As mentioned, The Vampire Ball is also a great place for one to think of and provides one with a choose from the old school bachelor party destinations people are used to.

I think for mine, I might just go to Busch gardens or something fun. My FH might play golf with his buddies and my dad. Nothing crazy.

Me: definitely a BP that caters for the groom’s interest turns out to be very successful.

Ya, it’s hard trying to figure out a BP. Some of my friends went all out and rented houses in another state and drank and partied the whole time. A lot of my close friends and bridesmaids don’t have that kind of money, and I’m not keen on getting wasted. My FH doesn’t drink at all so I doubt he will even have a BP for himself, I just know my dad plans on dragging he and his friends out for golf.

Me: Yeah, there are those that also prefer crazy BP stuff.

A great place to have a really fun BP is Atlanta, GA. The price to rent a house in downtown really isn’t bad when you split it with a bunch of girls. It’s close to everything, and they have some really great VIP packages at bars and clubs nearby. There’s always Vegas, and you can typically find awesome deals on flights and hotels there.

Me: Vegas has been the go-to for many, but seems other cities also offer great alternatives as you mentioned. Are there packages that caught your eye?

I just search around for great deals on hotels in other cities close by. If it looks like a place that could have great night light, I would either book a hotel or rent a house or something, depends on how many people are going. A lot of college towns offer great nightlife, but that depends on how old you are and if you want to deal with college kids barking up your tree. Try Groupon, TripAdvisor, or just google search rentals. Something is bound to come up that catches your eye. icecreamknuckles

From the discussion above, we got to know of great bachelor party destinations alternatives and how to do a quick search before deciding where to go, but one of the factors to think about before making a decision of where to go is the budget, what interests you, and what sort of bachelor party you want.

BP and FH were mentioned more than once, so deserved a little explanation of the meaning. BP is a term used to mean a bachelor/ette party while FH means future husband.

From the responses we can see there are many different bachelor party ideas and destinations to choose from and a whole lot has not been mentioned. Drop us a comment telling us what works best for you, it may help the next person. And if you try any of the suggestions above, let us know about that too. Thanks



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