New Orleans Bachelor Party – How To Throw The Bachelor Party Of A Lifetime


Throwing a bachelor party in the most haunted city in the US – New Orleans – is a great idea. One of the major attractions of New Orleans is the fact that it has one of America’s biggest ports. The fact that Marie Laveau is one of the most famous people from New Orleans has given rise to the belief that it acted as the entry point of voodoo into the US. This fact should not prevent you from taking your bachelor party to the biggest city in Louisiana.

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Some of the biggest attractions in New Orleans that make it the perfect location for a bachelor party include:

  • All-night bars
  • Fantastic food
  • An appreciation for decadence
  • Love for the good times

However, for the New Orleans bachelor party to rank as the best in the land, you need to consider a few factors.

Choose the Best Times

This factor is not limited to a bachelor party hosted in New Orleans alone. There are best and worst times for going to New Orleans for bachelor party. However, when the Mardi Gras approaches, you should hasten the plans and find your way into the Crescent City as quickly as you can. The only problem with the Mardi Gras is that it falls on different dates each year. Therefore, prepare your budget only after finding out its exact date.

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The Jazz Fest is worth making the journey to New Orleans and more so for a bachelor party. The festival often takes place between the last weekend and first weekend of April and May respectively. The festival means that you would not appear strange when you show up for the New Orleans bachelor party wearing the Hawaiian shirts and the very popular broad-brimmed hats. However, do the bookings six months to a year earlier prior to the Jazz Fest.

Tales of the Cocktail would also be a perfect time for planning the bachelor party in New Orleans. If you need a good reason for taking your bachelor party to New Orleans, then know that the Tales of the Cocktail, which takes place in July of every year, is the biggest meeting between beer brands and bartenders in the US. However, what you should realize is that the airfares can be a bit high during this season. Therefore, plan accordingly.


There is no shortage of venues for New Orleans bachelor party. Some of the best hotels that you would ever want for your bachelor party are located in New Orleans. In fact, within the Central Business District of New Orleans, you will not run short of hotels and other wonderful establishments for the party. If finances are not a problem, you will find some amazing first-class or high-end hotels. If classy hotels are your priority, you will not be disappointed.

New Orleans has plenty of hotels and other establishments where the bachelor party crew would be able to sample the local experience and be as casual as they want to be. The beauty of New Orleans is that it caters for people with all sorts of budgets. For example, for people operating on tight budgets, the city has plenty of hotels and venues where they can host the caliber of bachelor party that they want.

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What to do

There is plenty to do at New Orleans. When you grow tired of all the drinking and indulgence in all manner of decadence for the bachelor party, you can take part in the Voodoo Tours. The historic cemeteries located all over New Orleans would also present you with the best opportunity to learn more about the local culture. Through the cemeteries, you will also be able to learn about the most famous sons and daughters of New Orleans from the past eras.

Renting a scooter offers the party guests to take a tour of the city. You could hire a scooter with a driver or chauffeur. Alternatively, you can also rent the scooter for each guest and drive it around the city. If you love the outdoors, then the City Park would be an excellent place for the bachelor party. Do not forget that City Park is the sixth largest in the US. City Park is also the seventh most visited park in the US.

Taking a walk around the French Quarter in New Orleans would be an excellent and creative way of celebrating the bachelor party. The walk would allow you to sample the rich and remarkable local culture. If you love guns and swords (especially antique), New Orleans has the best stores where you can indulge in a bit of gun and sword buying. Antique shops and fine art galleries are a dime a dozen in New Orleans.

As for restaurants and eateries, New Orleans has several. In these eateries, you will have the chance to enjoy some of the best meat sandwiches, raw oysters and famous burgers. Moreover, if barbeque is your preferred way of celebrating the bachelor party, New Orleans shall not disappoint you. There are plenty of places to go for fried chicken and sample a bit of the New Orleans steak.

The Frenchmen Street is the perfect locale for anybody who desires to dance to great music and tunes. Legal gambling is also available in several establishments around the city. Bourbon Street is home to several bars where you and the rest of the groomsmen can drink as much as you want. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is the oldest building in New Orleans. It is still open and acts as a bar, thus offering you the chance to learn a bit of New Orleans history while sipping your drinks.

Therefore, it is clear that a bachelor party is an excellent idea worth pursuing. New Orleans has plenty of attractive features that would appeal to anybody who thinks of throwing his bachelor party here. There are plenty of activities to do during the day when not partaking of alcoholic drinks. New Orleans has something for everybody. Therefore, begin making your plans today to ensure that you get the best accommodation and rates.



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