Montreal Bachelor Party: The Destination To Explore

For dozens of generations, Montreal has tried hard to maintain a glorious spot on the moral low-ground. A favourite destination of seductresses of the famed French explorers who landed in this magical place that is Canada’s second City.

Montreal Bachelor Party The Destination To Explore


For anyone thirsting for a good-time, the City of Montreal is the place to be! As an individual out of town, there is plenty that you don’t know, and plenty you need to unearth about Montreal. Especially if you are in pursuit of a bachelor party in Montreal rendezvous.

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To help narrow your search, you have landed on the Ideal spot. We decipher the places you should rage, crash and also the best places to chow. Moreover, what is a Bachelor Party in Montreal without strip clubs? Or as they are known on this side of the world as the “Canadian Ballet”.

Round up your boys, pick up the most appropriate gear and a stack of money and prepare yourself for Montreal bachelor party activities that will blow your mind away!

Bachelor Party Montreal

Just because it’s a bachelor party, it doesn’t suggest that you start your trip to a strip club and spend the entire time in the same bar. There is a lot that you can do with your boys in the glorious sin city. There are plenty of fierce festivals and a non-stop nightlife awaiting your discovery in Montreal!

Right from the time you step in this city, there are enough activities that will land you into trouble with your bachelor boy band that you will enjoy before leaving the bachelor’s club. Below, we go through some of the spots that will help you get all the fun!

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The Montreal Craft Beer Tour: it’s in the rule books, each bachelor party should be flagged off with loads of quality beer. Luckily for you, The Craft Beer Tour sits on top of bachelor party activities. You simultaneously get a quality beer flowing band and eat delicious foods as you discover more or Montreal.

The tour is led by certified local guides that take you to the realistic Montreal sides, and you will also visit three favourite brewpubs. The beautiful thing being, these pubs are located a minimal walking distance from one another!

Here is where it gets interesting; you have the chance of sampling six different but distinctive craft beers. You discover how unique chocolate and craft beer pairing matches, How perfectly beef gravlax & cheese selection blend and taste a unique Belgium beer melted Poutine!

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Boys Being Boys


There are times when boys all want to do, be boys. There is no such better opportunity than the Bachelor party packages provided in Montreal. Besides drinking and well, whoring around, there is plenty to enjoy in a bachelor party in Montreal, something unique and worthwhile includes:

Tir du Solei: The ultimate show highlight for any man who likes shooting with a real gun! The spot is an airgun range open to individuals to practise shooting. You don’t require any permit to should around, besides you can choose your ideal weapon from an arsenal of weapons.

Imagine practicing your aim using rifles, combat pistols, revolvers and semi-automatics, these are weapons manufactured by government-approved brand makers. Besides the guns have been put through rigorous tests to prove their usefulness and safety.

Such is a gun range where you can burn $15-$40 hourly and practice using unlimited bullets. Honestly isn’t this a great bachelor party activity to look forward to?

Bachelor Party in Montreal

What is a drinking party without food? Yes, we know we can down in several cases as a group, but what happens when hunger pangs strike? Well, fret not as activities also include a food tour!

Mile End Montreal Food Tour: Has evolved into the Montreal’s premier food destination. You will be guided through six different but authentic locations. In these places, you have the chance of sampling numerous Montreal delicious and iconic foods.

Apparently, you walk round with certified local tour guides who along the way will indulge you with the rich cultural history of the city. The distance you travel is only two kilometres, and you work up a healthy appetite and soak in the town before the night brings out the wild side in you!

The Nerd in All Of Us!

Part of the Montreal bachelor party packages worth exploring is the A/Maze. Yes for video game enthusiasts. Besides, you better enjoy the last game with your boys now, before your better half swoops you and you will no longer have guy time to play video games.

A/Maze: Not such a lame place for starters; this is a real-life escape game that will need the whole band to come together, using your wits and friendship to conquer. You have to select from three diverse immersive scenarios.

You have to be dependent on your wits and figure out the best ways to break away from the prison as you make sure that the mad scientist doesn’t destroy the world. You can also decide on the game where you explore the lost temple in pursuit of ancient figurines as a team.

You have to come together and tackle the game as a team and jump through numerous hoops before concluding the game before the time buzzer goes off. An excellent game to bond as boys before you take the plunge into marriage.

Montreal Bachelor Party Hotel

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If you are a loaded bunch sparing no expense at all, then the St. James Hotel is your best pick. No other hotel comes close (In-class) to the St. James. It’s a favourite spot for bigwigs such as Halle Berry when she is visiting Montreal. The service is high, the company is classy and the serenity is to die for!

The Novotel on Mountain is a perfect hotel for people wanting to follow a not so tight budget, but a budget nonetheless. Setup in the downtown Golden Square Mile, which serves as the heart of the city, this is a luxurious hotel with a perfect location, views and excellent rates!



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