Great Bachelor Party Destinations

As your friend’s wingman, you feel that time is ripe for organizing an outstanding bachelor party but have no idea about the destinations or locations worth looking into. The truth is that finding the destinations is no longer as difficult as it once was what with the many options available for consideration as listed below.

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The fact that this destinations can be just about anywhere does not mean that the actual selection should be haphazardly done. Choosing the best location requires a bit of planning while going through the merits and demerits of each location. The choice of location depends on whether it is ideal for the ultimate guys party. It is worth noting that the location has to be perfect for endless partying, which is the essence of the bachelor parties. Some of the best ideas regarding great party destinations include the following:

  • Partying in Manhattan

Manhattan has the reputation of being a city that never goes to sleep. For this reason, it is perfect for hosting an outstanding bachelor party. It is not for nothing that Manhattan finds its way into the list of the 10 top bachelor party destinations. It has a lineup of strip joints for the bachelors and their entourages in need of high-end stripping services or entertainment. In some of the clubs, the bachelor and his entourage will find a good mix of high-end tanned Brazilian strippers and beautiful Swedish blondes ready to offer amazing entertainment. Some of the clubs worth visiting include Club SL, Club 1 Oak, Brother Jimmy’s and penthouse Executive Club.

  • Men Game-Partying in Las Vegas

The adage that what happens in Las Vegas remains in Las Vegas has never been truer as it is regarding bachelor parties. Las Vegas holds its pride of place as one of the top ten destinations one can hold a bachelor party in the world. Las Vegas is perfect for hosting man game parties. It has a lineup of bars and locations for hosting rowdy bachelor parties without any care in the world. Its round-the-clock VIP pool parties, club lounges and casinos are ideal for the best bachelor party. The millions of nightclubs, strip clubs, adult shows and bar crawls are just but a few of the major attractions of Las Vegas.

  • Cowboy activities in Austin, Texas

Austin TX has amazing attractions for anybody interested in organizing a cowboy-themed bachelor party. Austin has amazing locations where the bachelor party entourage can participate in activities such as ziplining, ATVs, parasailing and skydiving. More importantly, the bachelor party entourage has plenty of options to choose from when in need of drinking joints. Entertainment is readily available in clubs such as Maggie Mae’s, Hole in the Wall, Champions Sports Bar and Coyote Ugly, where the entourage has the opportunity not only to drink, but also do so while in the company of some of the sexiest dancers.

  • Man-Partying in Nashville


For some of the best destinations for bachelor party, the entourage should consider traveling to Nashville TN. Nashville has a new nickname – Nash Vegas – in appreciation of the fact that it is emerging as a major rival to the legendary Las Vegas. If the entourage making up the group of friends accompanying the soon-to-be-married man to the bachelor party in Nashville feels like, they are free to sow some wild oats here. Obviously, the bachelor cannot engage in such pleasures at this time. Nashville is the home of country music. Nashville is home to tequila as well as the popular mechanical bull, which will please the boys to no end.

However, it is well worth remembering that the list of top ten destinations to hold a bachelor party is not restricted to the US alone. The bachelor and his entourage can visit a number of locations from other parts of the world to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime bachelor party. Such locations include the following:

  • Kiev, Ukraine

Ukraine has more to offer than the political intrigues and rumors of war that keep appearing on media as the latest breaking news items. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, offers an excellent option for those in need of cheap bachelor party destination. The vibrant and fun nature of Kiev makes it perfect for not only the cheap bachelor parties, but also the high-end events that friends of a bachelor about to get married are planning for him. The topnotch hotels and great nightclubs are just but a few of the locations where the bachelor and his entourage can embark on a bit of mischief while partying hard, if they are tired of driving Soviet-era tanks around the city.

  • Dubai, UAE

In matters regarding opulence and satisfying indulgences, no place on the earth comes anywhere near Dubai, UAE. Dubai is perfect for hosting luxurious bachelor parties. However, the bachelor’s entourage should be ready for some long flights. If the entourage consists of friends with deep pockets, chartering a plane to Dubai would be an excellent option. Dubai has some of the best hotels in the world, thus the entourage has no reason for getting worried about finding the perfect accommodation. The luxurious yachts are perfect for people interested in live-aboard facilities while partying hard.

For that reason, the entourage that is about to embark on a search for the perfect  destination should consider the suggestions listed here. The top bachelor party locations are found all over the world. The bachelor and his friends should begin by preparing a list of various top party destinations and check that each location has the best bachelor party packages. The bachelor party is all about fun and partying hard. Therefore, the friends should identify a place where fun and hard partying is permissible. This requires doing plenty of research.




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