16 Experts Provide Tips On What To Look Out For, When Planning A Bachelor Party


There are bachelors party destinations and features that are talked about in almost every single blog post you come across on the internet. Las Vegas, Montreal, Atlanta are discussed in most all of them.

While those are great options to consider when choosing an ideal destination, one ought to take a number of things into consideration while choosing these locations. There are lots of features to consider for the one tasked in arranging a bachelors party.

I decided to ask some of my favorite travel expert, groom speech writers and men-related issues expert about some of the features that should be considered when planning a bachelors party. Unlike most surveys, I was able to interview 16 experts and got the following reponses.

Without further ado, here are their answers.



CatheDestination Tipsrine Forth- Destination Tips

I’d say a few things to keep in mind when choosing a unique bachelor party destination are:

  1. Make sure it offers something a little out of the ordinary to the guests’ daily lives. For example, if they’re mostly city dwellers, a beachy or golf getaway would be a fun change of pace. If they’re small town folks, heading to a big urban center would make a memorable destination.
  2. Pick a place that presents some out-of-the-box activities that make for great bonding experiences. Zip lining, white water rafting, surfing, sporting events, wild nightlife, casinos etc… Again, think things that most people don’t do every day, so it’s a stand-out experience.
  3. Keep guest’s budgets and time-constraints in mind. Not everyone can easily afford to fly across the country or overseas for a week or a few days. If everyone is into it, by all means go far-flung, but consider more reasonable options too. The point is to spend quality bro-time together. Save the ultimate travel destination for the honeymoon. For more about bachelor parties destinations, visit there site.

EscapeHereLaura Gooyers- Travel Editor, EscapeHere.com

Happy to answer your question:

  1. Make sure your destination caters to the groom. If he’s not a big party person don’t choose a city like New Orleans just because “it seems like the right thing to do”, maybe a ski chalet or cottage retreat is a better option.
  2. Consider everyone’s budget when choosing a destination. The last thing you want to do is choose an expensive location like Las Vegas and find out that the grooms best-man can’t afford to come along.
  3. Do your homework before the trip. Once you’ve chosen a destination, do some research and plan a rough itinerary. It can be hard coordinating so many people together so considering things like advance dinner reservations, getting on a club guest list, or pre-booking tours will make the trip more enjoyable and less worry free.

Regretful MorningJason Peffley- regretfulmorning.com

The most important thing really depends on what type of guy is getting married.  If I were left in charge, I would break this up into the following:

Easily accessible strippers and/or affordable escorts – Getting some strange rubbed all over the groom to be is a reminder to him of what he’ll be missing for the rest of his life.  It also might get some buddies laid, who will proclaim you had the best bachelor party ever.  This helps when it’s time to move.

Beach activities – Jet skiing, parasailing, and lounging at an all-inclusive is a good way to preflight.

Limited Cell Service – Updating your Facebook page from Cabo will cost a roaming fee.  Most people just turn their data off, which is good because you don’t want ANY part of the bachelor party showing up in a news feed.

Conclusion: Cabo or Cancuun

Destination42Sarah Carrillo Riswick- Editor, Destination42.com

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve put my answer below but please let me know if you need anything else. And if you could let me know when the story is up that would be great, I’d love to see it!

3 things to keep in mind when picking a bachelor party destination:

First of all, I’d consider the groom’s personality and what he likes to do normally. If he’s not someone who likes to go clubbing or gamble then Vegas might not be the best choice. Instead, think of how he normally spends his weekends. Is he outdoorsy? Then maybe a camping trip or white-water rafting adventure would be best. Does he love music? Maybe there’s a festival you can go to. Does he love a good glass of whiskey? Maybe a trip to Tennessee or even Ireland or Scotland would be a good option. Basically, think of his favorite weekend activities and go bigger.

Second, keep the bachelor party’s budget in mind. If everyone has the means to go all out then go for it, but don’t feel like you have to drop thousands of dollars to have a good time. It’s probably more important for the groom that his favorite people can all afford to be there than whether you rented a party bus to get you there.

Third, try and make it something your group hasn’t already done before. It’ll make things more fun and more of a memorable trip if it’s your first time at that destination or doing that activity. Ideally you can find something all of you have wanted to do but never have — sky diving or bungee jumping perhaps?

TravefyStephanie Leonard – travefy.com


According to Stephanie, things to look out for are: budget,vibe, location and activities.

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The Wedding SpeechKye Harman- Wedding-SpeechBuilder.com

We’ve been in the “Best Man” business for awhile and have built up a library of resources to dip into as well as keeling our eye on the craziest bachelor party ideas out there.

The short answer to your question; What are the three best feature that one should keep
in mind when choosing a unique bachelor party destinations.

“Grab your passports, toothbrush and flame-proof underwear… It’s going to be epic!”

No.1 Money – It can be an awkward question among friends so talk to the groom and set a budget that won’t price out any of the other bachelors. The groom will obviously want to have his best friends with him rather than people having to make excuses and invent long standing family gatherings as they can’t afford the three week trip to Hawaii you’ve just booked.

No.2 The Groom – It sounds obvious but often guys don’t really think about what the groom might really get a kick out of and instead opt for the most reckless/drunken/legendary destination. But is there somewhere he’s always wanted to see? Somewhere he once spent time or lived  that he’d like to return to (fitting as he waves goodbye to his last days of freedom).

No.3 Adventure – Dare to be Different. “Hey, we’re going to Vegas!” Yawn! How about boldly going where no stags have gone before? Think of something isn’t a cliche, there’s so much you can do and it doesn’t mean spending big bucks. Although if you are going to go all out one English based bachelor party company launched the £1,000,000 Bachelor Party for the stag party to jet around the world. Or how about hiring your own island? But it’s not about money, with the right crew and some careful planning you really can make your bachelor party truly legendary. So grab your passports, toothbrush and flame-proof underwear… It’s going to be epic!

Wedding-SpeechBuilder.com are the best man’s speech experts created by professional comedy writers.

Man TrippingJames Hills- mantripping.com

Anyhow, here’s my thoughts on your question …

1) Consider the demographics of the bachelor party guests (age, location, interests, and budget). Similarly consider the bachelor’s interests – though budget is less of an issue since theoretically you are treating him 🙂 This will play a huge part in the scope of the weekend / night since even though going to Vegas, bottle service, and stuff is awesome … if that means spending thousands of dollars for someone who doesn’t drink that sucks.

2) Try someone memorable – strip clubs are sort of “done” these days I feel. If you need boobs there are other ways to get that into the equation. However going back to point #1 – do something that is a unique celebration for the groom and guests. For instance – if you pick Vegas, do something fun that is “unique” like get a private capsule on the High Roller with a private bartender. https://www.caesars.com/linq/high-roller#.VX9r6Pm6eHs The guys can then do a toast at the top of Vegas with an awesome view https://twitter.com/Setorii/status/610197980218417152  that everyone will remember and defines both the “end of an era” but also …

3) Be respectful of the bride to be – Every girl is different but you really don’t want to piss her off to the point that is causes fractures in the pending marriage before it even begins. For instance … even if she is “ok” with the guys going to a club and all the stuff that comes with that, make an agreement with the guys not to share photos on FB of the groom doing shots off a bachelorette who’s also partying there 🙂

Hope that helps – there are all sorts of different bachelor party ideas besides Vegas / Clubs, I just happen to have gotten back from Vegas last night where we toured a couple clubs / lounges including Drai’s (awesome) so that’s sorta where my head is at right now 🙂 (my ears are still ringing too).

The Man RegistryChris Easter- themanregistry.com

The three best features would be: accessibility, affordability and comfort for the groom. By comfort I mean entertainment options catered to his liking. For example, he may not be a huge beer drinker but he’s into golf, steak dinners and fine wine.. Whoever is planning the party should think of the groom first.

Another piece of advice is to establish roles and responsibilities for the best man and groomsmen. Think airport rides, hotel booking and other logistics/scheduling. When traveling for a group outing, it’s important to have a plan mapped out ahead of time.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

 IamthebestmanOliver Lucas- Founder & Best Man Supporter I am the bestman

Thanks for your email and congrats on the site which looks great. I’ve looked to answer your question below which regarding the three things that one should keep in mind when choosing a bachelor party destination:

1)      Budget. Not the most exciting first answer but not everyone can afford to go for a blowout bonanza in Vegas as financial reality can bite sometimes. The bachelor party needs to be inclusive, not exclusive, and that means catering for the person(s) who have the lowest budgets. This doesn’t mean that fun times are off limits, far from it, it simply means tailoring the activities to do something that can be enjoyed by the whole party not the highest earners.

2)      The Groom. A common mistake that a best man can fall in to when organising a bachelor party is arranging one that they would like to do themselves. The bottom line is that the organiser is there to ensure the groom has the best possible time above all else. So if he happens to like fishing, rather than adrenaline sports then you should look to go to coastal resorts or appropriate outdoors locations so that he can enjoy it.

3)      Your current location. If you have easy access to affordable travel then there are more options available to you. In Europe, there are a plethora of value led airlines which means its affordable to travel to other countries and back for as little as $50. If you’re in part of the world where that is less accessible you will need to be creative in the activities you  choose in and around your current area.

If budget is reasonable, the groom doesn’t have any strong preferences and transport is easily accessible  then the door is wide open to do anything from hiring your own desert island to taking part in cross country  car races! It all depends on the circumstances.

 MantelligenceKyle Boureston- Founder at Mantelligence- mantelligence.com

To answer your question, three things guys should think about when trying to plan a unique bachelor party:

  1. Host the event in a different city than where the bride is
  2. Choose activities that are in line with the groom’s interests
  1. Plan out the event – this isn’t a “go with the flow” type of thing

Getaway To WisconsinBrian Urbanowski- www.getawaytowisconsin.com

That’s a fair question you ask… being every group is or would be a little different.

1) Take a look at your group of attendee’s and get a feel on where they stand financially, no sense planning a party on the moon if no one can afford the air fare to get there.

2) When assessing your party group try and find out how many days that they will have available to spend, most guys can do a 2 night stay at best.

3) Try and make the destination somewhat accessible and easy for everyone to get there, ie. centrally located with easy access for all. Guys in general want it to be easy and the easier it is for everyone the better it’ll be for everybody

I’d start with these three things above first. I’ve been helping people put together bachelor parties for  years and these Q&A seem to be pretty common

Our place seems to work out pretty nice for a lot of the guys. It’s centrally located in Wisconsin. The price is affordable and there’s plenty of activities in the area that guys like to do.

And don’t forget the cost of going as well. Not everyone can afford a hotel and plane fare these days if they’re working guys.

Well-GroomedMr & Mrs. Well-Groomed – editor / owner, Well-Groomed

Here is our three things – not sexy stuff, but we do believe they’re necessary for everyone to have a great time:

  • the logistics : try to get to the point where everybody is at ease – convenience, availability, and affordability
  • the agenda : can you do the things that you and your guys actually enjoy?  something that does not break people’s comfort zone (your significant other’s included)
  • safety : party like it’s 1999! Just make sure no one gets hurt (no need to play with a tiger or get kidnapped or anything :D)

 WEDDING BROSNathan- wedding-bros.com

Here is my answer.

The three most important things to think about when planning a unique Bachelor Party destination would be cost, convenience, and the activity selections.  It has to fit into those three to make it available to all your groomsmen, give enough options for good fun, and of course not break your budget.

The Distilled ManKyle Inghamthedistilledman.com

Here you go…


What are the three best features that one should keep in mind when choosing unique bachelor party destinations?

(1) Ease of transportation: The last thing you want to do when you’re enjoying a bachelor party is worry about who’s going to be the designated driver or finding parking. If you’re doing multiple activities, try to plan stops near each other so ideally they are within walking distance of each other. The less the group has to think about transportation logistics during the event, the more fun everyone can have.

(2) Good food: No matter what you’re doing—whether it’s an urban adventure or a lakeside fishing trip—always ensure that you’ve mapped out a plan for good grub. Research what restaurants are nearby, or if you’re staying in a remote location doing your own cooking, locate the nearest supermarket to ensure that the group stays well-fed and happy.

(3) Friendly locals: Unless you’re avoiding all human contact during the bachelor party, you’re going to get some attention from the locals. It is far better if the people you encounter are actually happy to see you. Be smart about choosing your lodging and activities and stick to areas where a throng of rowdy guys will not just be tolerated, but welcome.

Angelo D’Ambra – Montreal Nitelife

Montreal NitelifeChoosing Unique Bachelor Party Destinations

  •  Monetary Budget ($500 gets you a weekend in Montreal in you drive from NYC, Vegas, for the same guys from NYC, would cost $3500)
  • Time available for the important guys in the group. Can the groom’s best friends/family and the bride-to-be’s immediate family take the weekend (difficult if they have kids) or maybe even 1 week for destinations like Panana, St-Martin, Cancun
  • Hook-ups. You might be (or know) the rockstars in your out city; guys who can get into any club without any trouble, but who do you know in other destinations? Are the vip services credible/ licensed? Do your due diligence… and don’t trust the guy who says “Trust me, I’m the best”

Bachelor10 Dave- Bachelor 10

So for us, the three best features that one should keep in mind when choosing a unique bachelor party destinations? I’d say:

  1. Where to stay? The more unique you get, the more “unique” the accommodations might be. Do the research ahead of time and know the limitations of everybody in the bachelor party, most importantly the bachelor.
  2. What to eat? Properly scout out the food situation. If you are going into the woods for a fly-fishing trip do you need to stock up 2-hours before you get there lest you are picking among the remaining provisions at Dell’s General Store and Bail Bonds? If you are going to Nashville does anybody have a heart condition?
  3. What ELSE is there to do? Usually you are going someplace “unique” to do something “unique” like white-water rafting or recreating Rambo (the video can be watched below), but what are you going to do the other 40 hours of the weekend? Again, scout out the situation ahead of time; if there are no “traditional” activities (i.e. gentleman’s clubs or dive bars) then you may just need to create some (i.e. beer pong tournaments and picking up waitresses at local diners).

The Rambo Video mentioned

Here are two particular lists that might be helpful in picking the best destinations:

In Conclusion

We hope you’ve found great value from this contribution and discovered cool ideas and destinations you could try out.

What are the features you think should also have been included in the discussion?



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