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Planning a bachelor party can be extremely nerve racking, you have to make sure it’s a dream trip for the groom, but also make sure it’s fun enough for the rest of the guys that they don’t leave resenting the fact they spent a few hundred dollars on a trip they hated. But finding the right idea for your party comes down to budget, vibe and activities.

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Navigating these decisions, can be tough, but here are a few steps to find the right destination for the group and make it a truly unique experience:

1) Budget

First and foremost—and early on in the process—find out the approximate budget the groom and his entourage want to spend. Just ask for a range and don’t make promises. Just say you’ll do the absolute best you can to keep the price within reason and you want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves.

2) Vibe

Talk to the groom about what kind of trip he wants. Does he want to go camping survivor style in the desert or on a deserted island? Does he want to hit the strip in Vegas? Or does he want an easy going lake house retreat with boating and beers? Vibe + price gives you a really accurate idea on what options are going to give the whole group a good time—which starts with the man of honor.

3) Locations & Activities

This is where it gets fun. Don’t just immediately go for the obvious locations like Las Vegas, NYC, or Atlantic City. Spend a little time doing some research, trolling Foursquare ratings and reading some blog posts on the restaurants and activities that city has to offer. And don’t forget to look up the average temperature when you’ll be there so you know if you’re getting the climate you’re hoping for.

For instance, have you ever heard of Longboat Key, FL for a chill beach destination without the sticker shock of South Beach? Or what about Frisco, CO or Big Sky, MT for a sleepy mountain town that is close to hiking, breweries and other awesome mantivities. Or perhaps Reno, NV for a slightly cheaper, quieter time with gaming and entertainment.

Once you have the destination, plotting out ideas on activities the next best step. Remember, typically the most memorable things from a trip are not hotel suites or first class plane tickets—it’s the experiences you have together. So plan and spend your money accordingly. Don’t try to hit it out of the park on each event on the itinerary. Pick the one or two things that you think will be a home run and make sure they’re awesome.

A few unique ideas you can consider:

Deep sea fishing – If you’re going to a coastal area or large lake and your guys are the adventurous type, this can be a great option

Private brewery or winery tours and tastings – Perfectly chill and fun with a responsible amount of booze.

Camping or our trendy favorite: Glamping –  Camping is the perfect way to get your guys to wind down and get everyone to interact.

Road trip somewhere – Again, you can’t not interact with your guys if you’re stuck in a car with them. Consider renting a larger vehicle or an RV and make an experience out of it.

Hit up a baseball game – This can be a great, affordable option

White water rafting or kayaking – This make a relatively cheap experience that offers some great memories and activity

Paintball – Fun, cheap, team-oriented

Private restaurant kitchen tour and tasting – Got a favorite restaurant in mind? Call ahead and tell them how awesome they are and ask what it would cost to do a private kitchen tour or tasting?

Rent a Lake house or House boat – Although initially these can be pricey, you can easily split the bill with the group and offers a huge savings by not having to book tons of activities and cooking for yourself.

Throughout the entire process, keep the groom in the loop. Make sure he doesn’t feel forced on any ideas and take his advice seriously on what he thinks will be fun and the group will be in to. Good luck!


I hope you’ve gained from this exclusive bachelor party planning Ideas, give us your thought on what should be included. Read more expert views.




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