Bachelor Party Rules


When it boils down to holding an incredible bachelor party, there is an extraordinary art that needs to be observed if the party is to be deemed as awesome. To ensure that the party delivers the right ingredients, the below-mentioned rules are an appropriate guideline:

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The Seven Golden Bachelor Party Rules

  • First Rule: As per the bachelor party invitation, the group of guys attending the party, ought to have been friends with the groom to be for a longer period. A period longer than he has known the bride for waiting. The invitation should extend to friends that are close to the groom since their childhood. Friends who created a good bond during college and friends who have been together through the thick and thin.
  • Second Rule: A must for the party includes a few members carrying ridiculous and nonsensical nicknames such as; rascal, Drizzle, Mr. Bombastic or even Dirty Dan. The rest of the gang should be called common names such as; “Dude” or “fellah” or “Mate” or just an unnecessary slur that is synonymous with the group.
  • Third Rule: This is a very important bachelor party rule that tries to look at the checklist: the group must briefly have attended a gentleman’s club. It is also befitting that every member of the party has a role that they play. Case in point: have one guy who isn’t going to get wasted totally like the rest of the group and have condoms with him, to hand out. A sober-minded but nonjudgmental friend that will organize the cab and pay cab fare. One who will know what to order for as a food item to soak in the excess alcohol in the bodies of everyone in this click of party attendees, and many more things!
  • Fourth Rule: After exiting the gentleman’s club, the next stop is likely an entertainment joint where women aren’t paid just to pretend that they like you. The bachelor party planner should have planned ahead and ensure that you visit a classy joint. A club where you place an order for expensive alcohol flamboyantly making it possible to secure the affection of younger women who are swayed by drinks and expensive taste. One point of going to an expensive joint is to lower inhibitions as you get more intoxicated. The higher you are, the more confident you are to hold a conversation with a female patron as you will seem more attractive and much charming than you usually are.
  • Fifth Rule: As a party attendee, it is important that you show the other guys that you too can get a girl’s number. Keep the deal interesting by engaging a girl in a conversation as you explain to her why you are there. Talk to her in a way that she gets interested as you share with her a “real” or “Fake” vulnerability. Girls die for such attention, the more vulnerable you show her, but also show her that you can be strong, the higher the chances of bagging her. Take her by the arm and lead her to the dance floor and gyrate on her as you dance. Without even saying it, you will have won her over and likely take her with you to bed!
  • Sixth Rule: When you are given a number, enter the number correctly. Do not be too drunk to enter nonexistence numbers as you only have one night. When you take down her number, have the lovely lady call your phone instead and save the number. Keep her name as well. You are guaranteed that when the night gets weary, and she has gone off to another table or club, you can ring her up and ask her over or go over to hers. In the bachelor party to do list, you will check out a section that gives you the liberty to engage in a romping situation.
  • Seventh Rule: At the end of the night, it’s mandatory that you mourn the loss of friend’s singlehood. You can hack this point by reminiscing about intractable bonds of friendship. The mourning should center on the unwavering loyalty the whole group shares. Rekindle the sense of brotherhood that you vow to maintain so long as you still live and breathe. Alternatively, you can have a drunken pile up onto the soon to be husband and lick his neck till when he admits that he is “little pussy”. Such an action marks that you are creating a bond that is eternal.

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Bachelor Party Accessories

Below find some of the items needed to make a bachelor party a success.

Pizza and Beer: What’s manlier than guzzling beer brews and scarfing down pizza? Furthermore, what’s wrong with the best man throwing the bachelor party at his pad? Well, for such splendor as is required is a simple, short trip to the supermarket and ordering the pizza.

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Get some videos or phone some girls and come up with an incredible style shindig!


Roast Him: I know by now, you know of Club roasts. Now it’s your turn to bring in the roasts on the soon to be husband. You turn to gather as boys and rip the hell out of the friend who is just days/hours away from taking the plunge.

Gather round as the dudes and create a Throne for the groom to be, fill up the room with alcoholic beverages and snacks to nibble on and start off with the roast. Make sure that there is a roast Beef) for cliché purposes and mock your friend lightly. Don’t get too personal though!

Barbeque: If you have a backyard and a barbeque grill, and a guy or guys that are fanatics of burgers and steaks. Get into bachelor party planner mode and create a “To die for backyard bachelor BBQ”. Gather around the fellows, assign them some duties and start barbecuing.

Memories are made of such an experience where guys are eating, drinking, farting, cracking jokes and best of all being served steak by bikini-clad, hot girls hired to come help the men. With this few tips,a bachelor party would be termed a success.

A surprise gift for everyone in attendance is getting girls with knockers to kill for come in and serve them their beer and food!




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