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The bachelor party origins were a gentleman’s party. The party saw gentlemen hurdle together for a civilized evening involving; smoking, drawing-room drinking and ending the night with a toast towards the bride’s health.

But things have changed since then, the Civil bit has been taken out and replaced with raunchy nights out of town. One thing that is still to change is the list of attendees. The appointed best man throws down the shindig and makes sure that only male patrons attend and come up with bachelor party decoration ideas that will grace the ceremony.

a sample of a Bachelor Party Themes

Bachelor Party Themes

In the modern world, bachelor parties are held for the memory the attendees carry on. Parties on this nature are ever becoming creative. Sexual activity and binge drinking are not the top priority of an unforgettable bachelor’s party.

The modern bachelor party ideology focuses more on friendship and celebrations which means a lot for the guy getting hitched.

The modern man favors sporting activities such as; camping, hiking in the woods, paragliding, rafting, and bungee jumping, parachuting and such like activities.

Ladies having a bachelorette party, on the other hand, opt for activities such as; road trips, camping trips, Spa days, skin care treatments and an excellent dinner in a fancy place.

Many bachelors and bachelorette today fancy hosting these parties in a homely environment. To make the party come to life, there are certain mistakes that you can learn and get rid of and gather your creative juices to turn the bachelor party event memorable.

Bachelor Party Etiquette

bachelor enjoying

Bachelor parties are usually arranged by either close friends or relatives to the guy/girl getting married. The groom to be is the special guest of the party, and he is not subjected to pay for any activities taking place during the day and night.

The bachelor party decorations ideas all come from the people invited. The rules, however, demand that only an appointed person is charged with ensuring that every event is taken into account, and everything activity is allocated time.

Expenses from the bachelor party game are affordable for every individual who attends the party. The final singlehood send-off party is a surprise for the groom to be. However, you should ensure that the chief guest is relieved from their activities.

It’s the duty of the individual in-charge to search for a replacement to undertake any work/activities he was up to that day.

A critical point includes never to forget to take the personality of the groom to be into account. His traits ought to be included with the activities you plan on embarking upon. Get a stripper yes, but let the groom decide whether he will go all the way or not.

Remember, whatever happens in Rome. Should the groom request not to have, any strippers invited to the party, just erase them from the activity list, and respect his wishes.

Bachelor and Bachelorette party tips and advice

There two main focal points to spend time on when organizing a bachelor party. Come up with events that will help all in attendance enjoy a jolly good time, a lot of laughter and loads of toasts.

To deliver stunning toasts, spend time before the bachelor party to create some toasts and keep them secret till the D-day.

For Pete’s sake, don’t host a bachelor party the night before the wedding. Why? Since you don’t want the groom to have a lousy day during the big day. We certainly don’t need him to suffer a terrible hangover as well.

If you are having the party in a house, see to it that the house’s interior is decorated in a way it provides adequate ambient. Make good use of colored lamps and station them on the corners of the room. Finish off the lighting scheme with lanterns positioned above your heads. Learn more about the accessories that one needs when hosting a bachelor party.

Rugs & Carpets should be taken off the floor that attendees will be standing, sitting on, removing them minimizes the risks of toppling over, and drinks dirtying your expensive rugs/carpets.

The television set isn’t necessary as the talk and activities will keep you engaged. However, if you are planning on rekindling your documented youthful/single days keep it in check. Again, having a television set, is not idealistic as it acts only as a distraction.

Bachelor party decoration ideas or the themes for the party shouldn’t be focused only in a single room, if you want the party to be lively, place decorations in different corners of the property. Spruce up the yard and patio as well.

Etiquette demands that you should hide valuable and delicate things that might get in the way and get knocked over. To keep the conversations flowing, and people happy, come up with creative cocktail mixes.

You could throw in cocktails inside fruits such as watermelons or better yet introduce some unusual shaped glasses that will strike up conversations.

If the party, will move from the house to a club, just be the real saint and stash a couple of condoms inside every attendee’s pockets! You never know!

Transport should be pre-arranged, paid for and if things will get messy, possibly get rooms paid for and pack fresh clothes for the next day. You know, for hiding the evidence! Make sure everything captured on video is only private to the party attendees and nothing more!

Find out more tips that one could also incorporate into their party.

Bachelor Party Girls

The aim of hiring bachelor party girls is to trash the guest of honor. Subscribe to a package that will involve a surprise stripper teasing session for the groom to be. They turn him on as a token of what he’ll be missing when he puts a ring on it!

These are women that have perfected the art of delivering a sexy lap dance that will electrify everyone in the crowd watching and jeering. Attendees (especially the groom to be), lay him down on the floor, get kinky by handcuffing him, spraying his now stripped body with whip cream as two ladies lick it off him teasingly. The bachelor party decoration ideas that would be ideal for this setup is a strippers club setup regardless if its been hosted at home.

These are some of the things that bachelor party girls bring on board. There is more to offer, and you just have to wait to discover!



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